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What Is Music?

Defining Different Types Of Genres In this video, Sundaraman explains what is music and what are the different types of music genres. Music can be divided into different genres in many different ways. It helps us to find ourselves. It can reach our feelings and even change them. For example, music is able to reduce stress, caused by the outside world, which is felt every day.


Sundaraman is a performer and singing teacher, who has more than ten years of top-class experience teaching budding singers from throughout the world. Sundaraman is the perfect guide to help you learn singing and develop a voice that will help you with all your favourite Bollywood tracks. Join Sundaraman as he teaches you how to master your voice, beginning with the basics. Sign up here and learn your passion now: https://frontrow.co.in/

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What Will You Learn?

  • You Will Get the Proper Guidance to learn Vocals and PDFs for Practice

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Music Lesson
All About Music

  • What is Music?🎵 | Genres of Music | Sundaraman Iyer | FrontRow
  • What is SCALE in music? | Sundaraman Iyer | FrontRow
  • How to sing with a TANPURA?

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